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Who Are We

We are a small web design and development agency based in France.

Simplicity, transparency, attentiveness and technical excellence are the values that drive us in our work.
We take the time to listen to our customers and guide them towards the solutions that suit them best.

We think that a neat and clear website is better than a flashy, messy and overloaded with information. Easier to read and to maintain, and also cheaper to build, a simple website has only advantages.

We would specially like to work with people or organizations who share our values : human and environnement before profit.

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Our services

We create websites for freelancers, artists, schools, VSEs, associations…

We can accompany you throughout the various stages of the realization of a site, from the development of the specifications until its commissioning.
We also take care of its maintenance after it goes live.

We offer you different technical solutions to create your website, so that it best suits your needs and your budget.

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Our rates

The price of a website can vary greatly depending on your needs. We offer you to create your site from € 800.
This price is for a single page site with simple content (photos, videos, text, contact information).
The site will be technically optimized for search engines and you will have access to your site's traffic statistics at any time.

Contact us using the form below. That does not bind you to anything. If you wish so, we will be happy to discuss your project with you and offer you a quote as soon as possible.

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Our services

Élaboration du cahier des charges de votre site

Il est essentiel de bien cerner vos besoins et attentes. Nous vous proposons de vous guider dans ce processus, en visioconférence, en vous expliquant les différentes possibilités techniques ainsi que leurs avantages et leurs inconvénients inhérents.

Conception du design et de l’ergonomie

Nous pouvons vous proposer des pistes de réflexion si vous n’avez pas encore d’idée arrêtée sur la structure et l’apparence de votre site.

Réalisation technique de votre site

Optimisation de votre contenu pour les moteurs de recherches

Connexion aux services Google pour le suivi de la fréquentation

Mise en ligne et hébergement

Suivi et mise à jour de votre site

Amélioration, modifications et débuggage d’un site existant

Formation à l’utilisation de votre nouveau site

Réalisation de photos et de vidéos

Assistance à la publication de contenu

Our rates

How much time to build a website?

Building a website takes time! A simple, responsive (i.e that fits to the screen it’s displayd on) website, secured and optimized for referencing takes around twenty hours. Ths time includes tasks that "you don’t see" but which are absolutely necessary (and included in the service).

Here is a list of the different steps to build a website from scratch to online operation:

Hourly Rate

For a better understanding of our rates, please be aware that our hourly rate is €40. We have about 35 % of charges on this rate. We will propose you, of course, a global cost for your website. As around twenty hours are necessary to build a simple website, our lowest rate is € 800, if you provide texts, pictures and videos.

Hosting & updates

Once your website is online, there are also costs to be expected: the annual rental of your domain name, the cost of hosting, SSL certification (it allows you to have a secure connection between to server).
Added to this is the time required for regular updates of the various modules of your site. These updates are vital for the security of your site.
Finally, for security reasons, it is necessary to make daily backups.
All of these services are billed at €30 per month.

“Tranquility” plan

Monthly fee for minor design and ergonomic changes. Includes assistance with using your site. You choose the number of monthly hours that suits you and you have this support time each month.

“Publication” formula

We take care of all or part of the publications on your site, according to your requests.

Photos & videos

We are equipped with high quality photographic equipment. If you wish, we can take photos and make videos.